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From start to delivery your customer service was first class. Everyone was courteous and informative and helpful. All phone calls were returned promptly. Should we need anything in the future, I would not hesitate to contact Marcus Printing first.
Bill Brown, General Manager, Days Inn Chicopee

Nice People With Nice Printing

So you are ready to tell the world about your business. Newsletters, direct mail, post cards, flyers, coupons and sell sheets. We not only have the range of equipment that will allow us to produce short and long run work to exacting standards, but we also have the people and creativity to assist you in making your projects stand out. When selecting a print partner you look for someone who is going to bring the most to the table: someone with the expertise, dedication and determination that will best represent your interests, beyond ink on paper, day in and day out for the long term.

When you partner with Marcus Printing, here's what you get:



Marcus Printing has a talented prepress department in Western Mass. Our staff is a good balance of technical and creative expertise. We understand design and we understand designers. If you need to develop artwork, we can help. If your project has been prepared by a professional designer, be assured it will be treated with the sensitivity and respect to insure the best results from digital or offset printing.



The success of our business depends on our relationship with you. Our sales reps focus more on projects than projections. You can expect them to be thorough, organized and reliable. You can expect them to accurately convey your intentions and manage your project to a successful completion. And of course, expect a smile because they’re very friendly people.



There are many digital printing options available today. Most print on a 12" x 18" sheet of paper. Our Kodak Nexpress prints on a 14" x 20" sheet. That means you can digitally print larger jobs. Or fit more smaller jobs on sheet, which saves you money.



In today’s economy, money is tight. Budgets are reduced and bargains are rare. At Marcus Printing, our print jobs are always competitively priced. We’re accustomed to being the low bid. We won’t sacrifice quality, but we keep our margins low and our efficiency high. Let us quote your next print project and see if we’re not a less expensive option.



It’s a digital world. Many traditional transactions have been replaced by instant online service. Like mail. Or banking. Or print ordering. Marcus Printing can offer you customized, direct web-to-print technology. For example, you’d log in to a secure site, enter the information for your company business cards and in a few days receive your printed order. It’s a very streamlined process. And very fast. Almost any printed item can be ordered online. Give us a call for a demonstration.



When you bring a job to Marcus, we look at the whole project. It always includes more than printing. Over the years, we have developed several ancillary services that can make your print project easier. Take this postcard for example. It includes obtaining a mailing list, addressing, sorting and getting them mailed. We gladly offer to take on your project’s extra responsibilities because we feel your job is our job.



Who waits for anything anymore? Our days include everything from instant messaging to drive-thru dry cleaning. At Marcus Printing, rush orders are never a problem. Whether digital printing or traditional offset, we always keep an eye on the clock so that you’ll receive your job as fast as you need it. We’ve learned to deploy many time-saving techniques and keep flexible schedules. We know the end product is not the printed piece. The end product is your company’s event or sales meeting or marketing campaign. Rush printing in western Mass is our specialty!



We can’t stand automated telephone systems. Push “1” for this, “2” for that. It drives us crazy. When you call Marcus Printing, you’ll always talk to an actual person. And we take old-fashioned messages. So you can accurately explain what you need without having to leave one of those rushed voicemails. While we embrace most technology, we’d like to preserve the telephone conversation. Call us and we’ll gladly detail your print project.



Staying on the vanguard of print technology is a full-time job. When something innovative comes along, we do our due diligence to test its viability. Then test it for compatibility. Then commit resources to integrate it. And while promoting this latest technology, a newer one tugs at our shirttail. So we start again. Traveling through this cycle many times has given us a broad knowledge of print possibilities. And its what makes technology so much darn fun.



At Marcus Printing, there is a fine line between customer service and sales representative. Our sales reps don’t study methods to sell you more. Instead we study how to inform you better. Or how to stay better organized. Calling our salespeople “reliable” is a welcome compliment. Expect a workaholic attitude from them because we view your project as a joint venture between you, them and Marcus Printing. Consider them a skilled asset for your team.


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