Our green envy is for anyone dedicated to a clean, natural environment.

Marcus Printing has been taking steps for years to help reduce waste and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). We have been recycling our waste paper for over 15 years and have successfully reduced our VOCs by half over the past 7 years.

Below are some other ways in which we have become more environmentally friendly:

  • Implemented a strict ink calculating system to determine the amount of ink needed for each job and thereby reducing the amount of wasted ink.
  • Purchased two digital presses – no VOCs, no chemical washups.
  • Rag recycling program through a company that reuses all by-products from the cleaning process.

In 2009 we made important steps to being evironmentally friendly. We were the first printer in New England to offset 100% of our Carbon Dioxide emissions and achieve Carbon Neutral status.

Green initiatives are an important pursuit of Marcus Printing, because we only have one chance to preserve the planet!