File Formats

Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) is for high end commercial Printers such as Marcus Printing Co. However, it cannot be used with a non-postscript printer. It is the only file format that will hold spot colors in vector graphics. Fonts used in the .eps need to be supplied along with the files. This is our file format of choice for every graphic type (vector and pixel).

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) (.tif) is a platform independent pixel format. This is our second choice for pixel based images.

Windows Metafiles (.wmf) or Enhanced Metafile (.emf) is a highbred format that contains vectors and pixels. They are proprietary to the Windows environment and do not support spot colors. They are an excellent format for graphics around the office.

PICT (.pic) is the same as a Windows Metafile but for the Macintosh platform.

JPEG (.jpg) is a compressed pixel format and is excellent for use on the Internet, it is not appropriate for the Printing Industry.

GIF (.gif) is also a file format for the Internet.

PCX (.pcx) is also a pixel based format.

Photoshop document (.psd). This is a native Photoshop document and should be converted to an EPS or a TIFF before placing it into Quark or InDesign.

BMP (.bmp) This is a picture file format proprietary to the Windows Platform, has no CMYK support.